Flavours that make a perfect blend with Blueberry Flavoured e-liquid

Bluberry e-liquid

Blueberry is considered to be one of the most popular flavours in all the desserts and rightly so. Despite having a plethora of flavours at eMist liquids, from pure fruit based e-liquid flavours to various pie based and blended flavours; blueberry e-liquid remains a crowd favourite for vapers all around the globe flavours!
The distinct taste of blueberry very easily complements other flavours too. This is the reason why Blueberry vape juice can be used as a combination flavour with so many other flavours of e-liquids.
In fact, there are a lot of Blueberry e-juices available on the market. When we say Blueberry e-liquids, we mean a lot of combination flavours as well.
Today, we are going to look into some of the best Blueberry mix e-juices that have struck a chord with the vaping audiences and as a result are fan favourites.

1. A blend of Blueberry with other berries:

This is a very obvious combination choice. Other berries like strawberries, cranberries, cherries, etc. make an excellent complementary flavour for Blueberry flavoured vape juices.
Many e-liquid brands have such all-berry e-juice flavours. Those who love the sweet, sour and tangy taste of berries will love to vape such a flavour.
This is one of the best tasting Blueberry e-liquid flavours since they give a rich inhale of tangy and sweet vapour and a very muted and subtle taste of be flavours when you exhale.

2. Blueberry and Granola Bar e-juice:

The combination of Blueberry with Granola bar is unique and perfect at the same time when it comes to e-liquids.
Such a blend works well on your taste pallet giving you an inhale of sweet honey and blueberries and a strong nutty exhale of oats granola bar. This flavour is a treat for those who love desserts.
Many e-juice brands have this concoction of flavours since it is unique and is loved by people who love flavours that are sweet in taste.

3. A fusion of Blueberry, Vanilla Custard and Smooth Cream:

This epic combination will remind you of blueberry cheesecake. Needless to say, this flavour has a blend of sweet ripened blueberries, vanilla custard, and cream. It seems like a perfect recipe for a desert.
For those of you who have a love for pies and cakes, this flavour is the best treatment for you all.
With an ideal PG/VG ratio, you’ll get a good throat hit with thick clouds of vapour.
Blueberry Vape Juice

4. Blueberry and Milk based e-juices:

A fusion of a blueberry e-liquid with some creamy milk-based flavours can give you the best vaping experience. Imagine vaping an e-liquid where you get this rich and creamy inhale and a thick exhale with undertones of sweet and sour blueberry. That’s just what you’ll get when you try out this vape juice.
This type of vaping e-liquid is very popular in India. Vapers who don’t like sweet tasting Blueberry vape juices should definitely try this one!

5. Blueberry and Candy based e-juices:

If you are looking for a flavour that gives you the taste of sweet, sticky toffees and candies; a mix of Blueberry e-liquids with candy-based flavours may fit the bill for you!
You can also create a combination e-juice by missing the Blueberry vape juice with other flavoured candy e-juices like grape candy e-liquid, litchi candy vape juice, etc.
This way, you’ll get a strong inhale of sweet blueberries and a strong exhale of the flavoured candy!
Many brands have such flavoured vape juices that have a very strong customer base.

6. Blueberry Jam with Buttered Toast:

Flavours like these offer a very unique taste to your pallet. A very unforgettable blend of blueberry jam flavour with subtle hints of a buttered toast.
As unusual as it may sound, there are many such flavours that will give you an exact taste of a dessert or a cuisine.
This blend, however, surprises the vapers because of the complex layers of taste and aromas involved.
It is an e-liquid for those who love trying out new and unique flavours.
There are a lot of Blueberry e-liquids available in the market. The above-mentioned combinations are the best Blueberry e-juices. One of the brands that have good quality flavours is eMist liquids.

They have Blueberry Blast e-liquid flavour that provides excellent quality when it comes to throat hit and vapor production.
You can definitely mix this flavour with its other unique flavours and create your own blend of e-liquid. You can buy eMist e-liquids from their online vape shop.


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